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Multi Dimensional Model 

About Multi dimensional Model of  recovery from sexual abuse

  for some time I have wanted to do Post Grad study by research

       however to date I have not found a Supervisor for interdisciplinary research.


  one Academic suggested writing a book however I didn't feel that was the format I was looking for.


      After talking to my Pastor yesterday I started upgrading my websites

and found that I have accumulated a wealth of information that I could write up.


    I found myself writing up what I have discovered helpful

in the context of support I have received

frustrations I have encountered

and a sensitivity to the needs and triggeres of other survivors.

   This site has become an interesting journey.



Interacting with academics and researchers

Recently many Australian Universities put invitations on Facebook to do surveys about the impact of  Covid-19

and the impacts of the restrictions.

     As a result of giving feedback and making suggestions I have interacted with some academics in ways I never dreeamt of

because generally one needs to be doing a Degree

or being Supervised during ones research for a Higher Degree

    What I learnt inspired me to write up this model.






  the more I walked my road of recovery from sexual trauma the more I realised I needed to take an interdisciplinary approach.

  • cognative
  • trauma release
  • talk therapy
  • other disciplines .