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Multi Dimensional Model 


You have disclosed that sexual abuse occurred

well done  you have commenced your journey

Breach of Duty of Care

Breach of Duty of care

Betrayal of Trust 

  when an adult holds a position of trust and abuses that trust to groom a child and betray that trust  

   this takes a lot to recover from

and can cause a survivor to be cautous of trusting  those in positions of authoriy

abuse of power

Abuse of position of trust

power imbalance


Mandatory Reporting

The sexual abuse of a Child is a crime

in many countries eg Australia  prescribed professionals

MUST  report disclosures of child sexual abuse to the Police

   or prescribed authorities.

this is because in the past children reported sexual abuse

to teachers or clergy or authority figures who did nothing.



Survivors of child sexual abuse incurr many losses

Survivors often incur significant costs of therapy 



Victims Services - a recognition payment

Redress - a redress scheme

Compensation - taking legal action in a Civil Court.  


the process of grooming  or manipulating

don't tell

abusers often threaten the victim not to tell anyone


sadly too many times adults did not believe  children making disclosures