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Multi Dimensional Model 

Sexsual Assault Counseling

Most regional hospitals or community health centres have a sexual assault counselor


   I am proposing that  sexual assault counseling should  be an interdisciplinary Masters Degree

 I am also proposing the establishment of interdisciplinary teams with mutual referals

    and interdisciplinary Sexual Assault units staffed by professionals such as:

      sexual assault counselors, urologists, colonospists, physiotherapists, remedial massagers,

           music therapists,  EDMR,  trauma informed Chaplains,  etc


There are also support services for adult survivors,

 listed on  Aussie Survivors Home Page

As a survivor it is my strong assertion that sexual assault counseling

is NOT a subset of "mental health"

   Whilst some survivors may have or develop mental health symptoms

    which need treatment,

  the causal factor.    the underlying issue is the sexual abuse.

Dimension - Therapies

Each therapy has it's own dimensions.

Therapy is interdisciplinary and multidimensional

Each therapy category has sub dimensions.

    It is a case of constantly accomodating variables

         as they arise

         and not assuming one variable leads to another

        because they are often on a different dimension

             not different points on the one continium


  • Sexual assault counseling
  • General Counseling
  • Psychologist
  • Social worker
  • Help line
  • peer support

Trauma informed counselors

Trauma Informed Pastoral Care

  for those who find comfort in religion

Trauma informed secular counseling


Note:  It is not helpful and can be counter productive, retraumatising or alienating

  to impose   secular or religious counseling.

The client or survivor should chose

not the therapist on the basis of  previous clients.


neither should survivors demand one model for all

but we should respect each others views.


what retraumatises one survivor may be helpful to another.


Narative therapy

used by many psychologists

and some help lines

Other cognative therapies

to be written up



Therapies which release trauma from the body

in particular the muscles

  • Physiotherapy
  • Remedial massage ( trauma release)
  • Kensiology
  • Reflexology

EFT or tapping



details to come

Music therapy

music as therapy

sometimes I use music to express my emotions


sometimes I use music to calm my emotions




  It has been said that crying is natural,

that it brings release.

many survivors struggle to see their tears flow - most likely because our emotions have been bottled up for so long


I came across this

artlcle on crying. .


Art as therapy

Many survivors use art as therapy

some therapists see symptoms or messages

  in a survivor's art or drawings.



Theatre and the Arts

I know a survivor who uses acting as therapy

another used improv.


anything expressive


some survivors use poetry


     my traumatised body cannot relate to these

that does not in any way invalidate the arts.

 Philosophically I can see the immence value and suitability.


 music, art, live theatre, poetry all express our humanity.


sexual abuse was from my perspective dehumanising.

the arts are expressions of our humanity.




I have a friend who finds sport very helpful.

I validate the usefullness of sport for some survivors.

Which sport and eather sport is helpful or relevant

  depends on the scale on the  dimensions


my friend like cricket's competitiveness.


I avoid competitetive sport

I dissociated when fielding   zoning out.


because of a certain trauma

    I miss the ball or drop the ball.


others appreciate the skill

it could improve ones motor neuron skills

   unless there are underlying issues.


but there is non competitive sport.


I live body surviving

walking along bush trails

ten pin bowling

at school I  played tennis and golf

    for many sport is relaxing, grounding etc.


feel free to explore the dimension of sport


which has sub dimensions


The choice of perspective


many survivors chose

or need a secualar perspective


survivors who have been

sexuality abused or raped by a priest

or member of the clergy

can only tolerate secular professionals

some dimensions are secular

  eg neuropsysiological

       the Criminal Justice System




That many survivors find comfort    in our religion ought to be respected.

there are many religions 

    I'd like others to write their perspective.


the dimension of "spiritual" or "religous"

    has dimensions


I am a Christian survivor.


there are many dimensions within Christianity.


I find comfort in prayer,  the scriptures  singing hymns or praise (my music therapy)

and trauma informed Pastoral Care.


I am selective and am aware  that many clergy sadly are trauma misinformed.

I am a  Protestant Christian

I am not a conformist Christian in not conforming "to the system"

though I find the sence of community in Church

   supportive without being naive.


Whilst forgiving ones abuser  takes away bitterness and resentment

it does not release the trauma for many of us


Whilst some have found forgiving the abuser  triggered healing

it is not always the case.

I have began to write a theology of ministering to the sinned against.

 The Parable of the Good Samaritan being a good place to start 

as with the wounded man, it is not the survivor's fault.


Jesus Christ announced that  He was the one annointed

  "to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free"    ( He quoted Isaiah 61)


The light of Christ Shines in the darkness

   His light shone into the dark cave


email for details


A Note to Pastors:

 please be a part of an interdisciplinary team.

neither "handing survivors over to a professional"

nor using simplistic solutions to complex issues

Prayer, the scriptures and ministry can be invaluable

    as dimensions of recovery

 please acknowledge the other dimensions.


Sexual abuse is not only a sin but a crime.

You are or should be a Mandatory Reporter.

Sexual abuse must be reported to the Police

    or relevant authority.


please be supportive to survivors

reporting ex crimes to the Police.

it is for the Police to investigate please do not ask probing questions


neither abondon a survivor

Offer to pray for God's help and strength  and comfort.


be there for a debrief after a survivor

   makes a statement to the Police

as in letting survivors talk out their feelings  mentioning support services and help lines

and providing comfort and support.